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Trainer: James L Drinkwater


Chairman of the PHSS

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society


Leader of the PHSS Bio-contamination specialinterest group (including the MHRA)


Head of Aseptic processing technologies and GMP Compliance
Franz Ziel Gmbh


Member of the ISO 14698 WG02 UK

mirror group re-writing the Bio-contaminationstandard

Biocontamination Control,Monitoring and Deviation Management

- Best Practice for GMP Compliance


New date coming soon!


BioTekPro proudly present this unique one-day training course with Mr James L Drinkwater, on Biocontamination Control. The training course follows and presents the newly developed PHSS Bio-contamination Control Monograph 20.


Course overview


The PHSS- Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society have developed a Bio-contamination monograph 20, the rst of this type covering the complete life cycle for Bio-contamination with new initiatives and guidance on best practice for GMP compliance.


Each course attendee will be provided with a copy of the PHSS Bio-contamination monograph (over 200 pages) together with copies of the power point training slides as part of course material.


This course applies to all those involved in GMP applications where controlled environments are used and is essential to keep up to date with regulatory expectation, current Life science sector thinking and best practice for GMP compliance.


The PHSS Monograph has had a full MHRA regulatory review before publication and specic section reviews from the IMB - Irish Medicines Board together with other peer review from subject matter experts.


Training sessions


  • Bio-contamination Characterisation and risk proling

  • Bio-contamination Control

  • Bio-contamination Monitoring with perspective on Rapid and Real Time Micro methods

  • Bio-contamination deviation management




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